HandmadeCardCreations Not On Blogsy Too

Blogsy Side Project by Christian Mihai at The Art Of Blogging

Working To Expand My Blog(s)

The other day I saw Christian from the Art of Blogging talking about a side project he has been working on.

In this post Promote Your Blog For FREE On Blogsy. I saw he was telling about how you could tell more people about your blog for free by placing it on Blogsy.

Although I have not figured it all out yet, what could it hurt. I thought what the heck, why not. So, yesterday I put this blog Paperkutzs and my blog HandmadeCardCreations on Blogsy.

Hoping to figure out how to connect more blog specific snippets on Blogsy. I used the heading that I use for my WP blogs to make things cohesive. In my mind this makes sense, I have no idea if my thinking is the best way, but for now that is all I have.

I’m also hoping to learn how to make the connection between my WP blogs and connecting with more people by having placed them on the Blogsy platform.

Give A Handmade Card, Get A Smile@

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